Our Team

About Us

We're a team that delivers.

We are New Zealand based Business Consultancy firm that empower businesses with back-up business support to help you go out there and win your deals.


Our Vision

To differentiate characteristics of happy business teams when compared to less happy ones are a positive culture, the right strategy, technology, and a leadership team with happiness as a strategic priority.

SaleOps’s vision is to bring you happiness and be your team, outside of your team. Which means we do not add additional costs burden or staff responsibility for you to take care. This also means that we come from outside to tackle your business growth issues and take off the work pressure from you to let you do what you do best. 

Our Mission

One of our most intriguing mission is to change the typical business jargons words and help build a very happy business culture. “Goal-driven” and “work hard, play hard” are some of the commonly used phrases among people, but do they make for a happy culture and deliver results? Our mission is to be “social,” “transparent,” “result driven “and “supportive”. SaleOps is your trusted partner who works to grow you and your business.

We create happy business teams!